ASUS CUBE Media Player with Google TV Debuts

ASUS CUBE Media Player with Google TV Debuts

Bring the world of entertainment to your TV

The first ASUS-Google TV collaboration, ASUS CUBE with Google TV incorporates the latest version of Google TV technology with an innovative ASUS spin. With the latest version of Google TV, users can stream the best in online content from the internet, watch live TV, play games, access the latest apps or surf the internet with Chrome. With built-in microphone on the remote, ASUS CUBE with Google TV supports Voice Search out of the box, for quick and easy access to your entertainment. This gives users intuitive access to over 100,000 movies and episodes from Netflix, Amazon Instant Video, HBO GO® plus numerous apps, videos and games from Google Play.

Extensive Innovation
Featuring ASUS CUBE user interface, the ASUS CUBE with Google TV combines the best in control and customizability and combines all of it into a unique 3D interface. The specially designed user interface allows users to easily customize and organized their applications into categories to easily find their entertainment. ASUS takes innovation a step further with convenient picture in picture capability, complete with UI control over live media, allowing the user to multitask effectively in the Google TV environment.


Intuitive Control and Robust Connectivity
Beyond the supported programs and apps, ASUS CUBE with Google TV has a state-of-the-art remote control, integrating Voice Search and motion sensors for gaming or other supported applications on the TV. What’s more, the remote also features a full QWERTY keyboard with Search hotkey, allowing users to quickly search for specific apps, shows, or what’s on. Robust connectivity rounds out the ASUS CUBE with Google TV. With both HDMI-In and HDMI-Out, LAN, Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n, and USB 2.0, the ASUS CUBE with Google TV can easily become the central entertainment hub for an entire household.

As a living room media streamer, ASUS understands that the ASUS CUBE with Google TV needs to have a certain aesthetic requirement. The ASUS CUBE with Google TV delivers in visual design with a literal take to the name in the shape elegant cubic form with a simple understated texture to blend into any entertainment center.

MSRP: $139.00 USD (Newegg)

ASUS CUBE with Google TV will be available channel-wide April 23, 2013! Contact an ASUS representative for more details!

Key Features

  • Works with existing HDTV and existing cable or satellite system to provide access to the over-the-air TV, Internet content, streaming services and Android apps.
  • Use Voice Search and Google TV Search to quickly find what you want on live TV, the web, or on-demand services such as Google Play, Amazon Instant Video, and Netflix. (Registration, subscription fee, or purchase may be required)
  • Support for up to 1080p with connections for HDMI, connect to network using wireless-N or Ethernet, and connect up to 2 USB devices with support for AutoPlay of popular multimedia formats.
  • Get 50GB of ASUS WebStorage accessible on your PC and mobile devices (Internet connection and registration required).
  • Play your favorite Android games on your TV with gyroscope integrated remote.
  • Universal remote with touchpad, QWERTY keyboard and built-in microphone.

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