Func KB-460 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Review


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Func KB-460 Overview

I hope you’ll forgive me if I let the pictures do most of the talking on the next two pages.  I’ll share my impressions on the last page, but we’ll get to that later.


First I have to take a moment to talk about Func’s packaging for the KB-460 (I know, I said just pictures, but hear me out).  I don’t normally describe or highlight the packaging for most products, but the fascinating thing about Func is their “philosophy” permeates even the box their products come in.  Rather than inundate you with bursts of “WIN!  733T! SUPER OPPONENT CRUSH FEATURE!” (okay, there isn’t a product that actually has outbursts like that on the box, but I think you know what I’m getting at), the KB-460 simply states that it is a Gaming Keyboard.  Oh, and it uses Cherry MX Red Mechanical Switches.  There’s a little more detail on the back to fill you in on some of the included features, but it’s all presented in a really efficient manner – Func seems content to let the product speak for itself.  It’s a really refreshing approach to marketing, and highly effective (in my own opinion, of course).


That approach carries over to the packaging.  Nicely packed in foam, the KB-460 is accompanied by a manual, wrist rest and the clips that attach the rest to the keyboard.


The braided cable uses Func’s signature orange braid throughout, and is a really high quality cloth braid.  The cable is very flexible, and doesn’t seem like it will bind like some tightly braided cables I’ve used.


The KB-460 doesn’t use the same “wedge” shape as many other mechanical keyboards, offering a slimmer look than most of the competition.  There’s only so much room to work with when using Cherry MX mechanical keys and full-size key caps, but the Func KB-460 makes smart use of the space with a traditional keyboard layout – both vertically and horizontally.  It feels very sturdy if you have to pick it up and carry it around, with the slim profile making it easy to grip (I’d advise taking the wrist rest off though when transporting, as it unclips very easily).


Angled key caps are pretty standard among keyboards with full-size keys and will help orient your fingers (as well as keep the top of the keys a similar distance from your fingers in each row and making them easier to reach).


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