Func KB-460 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Review


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Func KB-460 Detailed Features

Other than that beautiful soft-touch finish, the KB-460 seems pretty similar to other mechanical keyboards so far.  Let’s dig into some more details to see what might be different.


The palm/wrist rest arrives detached, and the keyboard works (and looks) just fine without it.  It does make for more comfortable typing though, and you can attach it with the two included plastic clips.  These are the only portion of the keyboard that made me a little nervous – time will tell how many clip/unclip cycles they can withstand.  To be fair, once they install the palm rest most users won’t be constantly switching it out.


Func includes pretty substantial non-slip rubber pads at the front corners of the keyboard, and with the keyboard feet in the “raised” position you’ll have non-slip rubber in every corner (I didn’t experience any movement with the keyboard in a lowered position either – the wide grips at the front are very effective, especially combined with the weight of your palms).


You can see the keyboard casing itself has a very flat profile.  Adding the palm rest also adds three more rubber non-slip pads, ensuring that the KB-460 will stay put.


The reason Func used movable plastic clips to attach the palm rest becomes clear when you change the KB-460’s angle.  The small gap between the palm rest and keyboard (and the plastic clips) allow the palm rest to adapt to whichever angle you choose.  In the raised position, this has the effect of placing your hand a little “higher” (vertically/above the keyboard, not towards the top) in an ideal position, which helps with fatigue and general accuracy.  I initially thought Func should have just integrated the palm rest into the keyboard, but this is actually a nice feature.

The US layout features a “slim” Enter and Backspace key, which I prefer.  The typeface used for the key symbols is standard and very readable.  Other than a function key the overall layout is very standard and should be very easy to transition to.


Two USB 2.0 ports fill the upper right corner of the keyboard.  While there aren’t any cable routing channels underneath like some keyboards (which rarely keep cables in place anyway), at least Func only uses one “upstream” USB port, essentially adding an extra USB port to your system.  Some extra spacing between the ports would have been appreciated, but I doubt most people use thick USB network adapters or other large plugs here – most will use these ports for a mouse and gamepad or other accessory in which case the spacing is perfectly adequate.


Func chose a fiery red for the LEDs, which are nicely “set off” by a subtle red back plate under the keys.  I was hoping they’d be able to source some orange LEDs, but those are pretty rare (and usually involve an extra coating that reduces output even further) so I’m not surprised they stuck with red.  It isn’t a deep, blood red like some keyboards, and red overall has the advantage of being easier on your “night vision” (I’m not sure how much this matters when staring at a bright LCD screen, but red is definitely less “piercing” than blue or green if you glance at the keyboard at night).  The media key / profile / Func mode / volume functions are helpfully backlit as well, ensuring they remain useful in the dark (even touch-typers need help with these special functions as it seems they differ for every keyboard).  Of course, since Cherry MX switches place the LED on the “top” portion of the switch (where the letters/symbols are) some of these special functions noticeably dim at the bottom edge.  Every backlit mechanical keyboard suffers from this because of the LED placement in the switch itself, and it doesn’t really bother me as the only keys it affects are the “secondary” functions anyway – I just appreciate that they’re backlit at all.


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