Func KB-460 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Review


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Func KB-460 Software, Testing, and Results

Settings Software

The KB-460 (like the MS-3) works just fine without software, although of course you are then limited to the default settings.  Installing the configuration software is done from a simple installer, after which you can then begin to customize various aspects of the keyboard and save your settings to the device’s memory.  The software follows the same design as the packaging, with clean white lines and orange accents.


Functionality is the focus here too, and changing settings is simple and straightforward – just click on the key you want to change.  You’ll need to switch to “Func mode” using Fn+F12, which will then activate your reassigned keys.  The default settings are perfectly usable – you’d really only need to change anything here if you want a different key layout or assign some keys to execute a macro.  There’s an easy way to backup and restore your custom profiles (and restore the keyboard to default settings as well) along with a link to Func.net.


The macro recorder was my only complaint with the MS-3 gaming mouse (which has since been improved in a software update by Func), and I’m glad to see an improved version here as well.  You’ll need to first assign a Macro to one of the “virtual” M(x) keys on the left, then the Macro recorder will pop up and allow you to enter the sequence of keys you want to record.  You can change the order of keys once entered, and delete erroneous commands without having to redo the entire macro.  I still haven’t found really useful applications for macros (although X3: Albion Prelude warrants a look, as there are some complex sequences of key presses that could be automated with a macro).

Testing & Results

Microsoft’s Applied Sciences page contains a demo that is pretty interesting, as well as a good explanation for different keyboard terms and why things like “ghosting” are an issue on certain keyboards.  I used the demo on three keyboards I had close by to help illustrate the differences between them.  I tried to press as many of the same keys that I could on each keyboard by using the palm and fingers on one hand – while I couldn’t reach a limit on the Func KB-460, both of the Razer keyboards would only register the first 10 or so key presses (my palm is in the same spot in each of the instances below).


I used the “Gaming Mode” on the Razer boards to try and give a best case scenario (the KB-460 performed the same in both modes) – without this mode active, the DeathStalker especially performed far worse, with only 5-6 keys registering at a time (depending on their location).  However, most users won’t be using key combinations of six or more keys, so this really just illustrates the technology behind each keyboard rather than any real limitation.  Still, polling at a thousand times a second, it’s nice to know the Func KB-460 will consistently register any key presses you make.


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