AMD A8-7600 Kaveri Processor Review

AMD A8-7600 Kaveri Processor Review

For several generations, since Llano, AMD has been slowly but methodically marching toward its vision of accelerated computing, where traditional CPU cores and graphics share space on a chip and work together to process data. This vision was called “fusion” back when the process began, although you won’t hear that term coming from AMD these days. Regardless, AMD’s latest processor, or APU (short for “accelerated processing unit”), is a major milestone on the path toward fused computing—and AMD is taking the wraps off of it today.

Compared to AMD’s current APUs, the chip code-named Kaveri is packed with sweeping changes, including enhanced “Steamroller” CPU cores, updated Radeon graphics, and a first-of-its-kind ability for the onboard CPU and GPU cores to share memory and work together to tackle a problem. Those are just the big-ticket items. Virtually every unit in Kaveri has been enhanced in some fashion… at TechReport

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