Western Digital Black² Dual Drive Review

Western Digital Black² Dual Drive Review

Pairing an SSD with a hard drive isn’t exactly a new concept. For years, enthusiasts have been using SSDs to improve their boot and application load times while storing infrequently accessed files on inexpensive hard drives. With the Black², Western Digital has brought this concept to the mobile market. Instead of having to choose between an SSD or hard drive, this dual drive storage solution offers the best of both worlds by combining the two into a single unit. Powered by JMicron’s JMF667H controller, the SSD portion of the Black² provides 120GB of NAND flash for your operating system, games and applications. While not one of the faster SSDs we’ve tested, it performed as expected in our tests, reading at speeds as high as 436 MB/s and writing at speeds in excess of 138 MB/s. The HDD portion wasn’t nearly as fast but, with its 1TB capacity, it serves its purpose as a place to store personal data and large files… at CDRLabs

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