Thermaltake eSPORTS Cronos Gaming Headset Review

Thermaltake eSPORTS Cronos Gaming Headset Review

A long time ago the movie industry figured out that if they added music to a scene it they could intensify the emotions the moviegoer felt during that particular scene. To take a page from Hollywood’s play book, game designers have done the same thing. In game music can drive fear into the heart of the gamer for example if they happen to be playing a game in the horror genre. However, the music must be accurately represented to the gamer. Most of the time gamers use headsets for sound and communication via an attached microphone. A sub standard can, instead of immersing the player in the game, be very distracting. Thermaltake, one of the industry leaders in eSports, recently released the Cronos Gaming Headset. The Thermaltake Cronos Gaming Headset is a stereo headset built for comfort for those long gaming sessions… at Modders-Inc

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