Seagate 600 Series 480GB ST480HM000 SSD Review

Seagate 600 Series 480GB ST480HM000 SSD Review

The new lineup consists of the Seagate 600 SSD and the Seagate 600 Pro SSD. While the 600 SSD is targeted at consumers, the 600 Pro is for workstation- and datacenter applications. Both SSDs are available in respectively 120-480 GB and 100-480 GB capacities. Today, we are reviewing the Seagate 600 (non-Pro) SSD with a capacity of 480 GB. It promises to deliver good performance at reasonable cost, which is exactly what end-users need.

Seagate is using a Link-A-Media 87800 controller we’ve seen in the past on Corsair’s Neutron SSD Series on the 600 and 600 Pro. It is a reasonably priced alternative to controllers from SandForce and Marvell. Seagate has customized the firmware of the 600 SSD to better fit their requirements, so some performance differences to the Corsair Neutron are to be expected… at techPowerUp!

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