G.Skill TridentX 32 GB CAS7 F3-1600C7Q-32GTX Memory Kit Review

G.Skill TridentX 32 GB CAS7 F3-1600C7Q-32GTX Memory Kit Review

GSkill has long been one of my personal favorites when it comes to memory since their memory offers substantial performance and capacity for your dollar, and all in a multitude of colors and styles to match your thematic PC build. Whether you want the fastest or the most affordable, G.SKill will probably end up on your list of potential candidates.

Eager to investigate RAMDisk options since so many enthusiast-grade motherboards now ship with such software on their driver disk, I asked G.Skill for a 32 GB-or-greater-capacity kit many months ago. I was also looking for low-voltage options because Haswell comes with guidance to keep every voltage as low as possible in order to minimize power consumption and heat, so G.Skill sent me the TridentX F3-1600C7Q-32GTX, a 1600 MHz CAS 7 kit featuring G.Skill’s TridentX heatspreader in red and black, my favorite colors… at techPowerUp!

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