Sceptre 32” Color Series LED HDTV Introduced

Sceptre 32” Color Series LED HDTV Introduced

Vibrant HDTV accentuates any décor with new eye-popping colors

Sceptre adds a touch of color to any room and décor with their newest 32-inch LED HDTV.  Part of their lifestyle Color Series, the 32-inch LED HDTV is now available in pink, purple, pearl white and black, and is the ideal way to enjoy your favorite TV programming while adding personality to any room.

Sceptre’s newest LED HDTV features 3 HDMI ports that deliver superior digital video and audio from external sources through a single cable, a USB port that lets users view pictures and listen to audio directly from a flash drive, and a crystal clear LED panel with 720P, 1366×768 resolution.  The 32-inch LED HDTV is also equipped with a variety of internal features including Parental Control settings that limits program availability based on TV ratings and sleep timer to limit viewing time.

Sceptre 32” Color Series LED HDTV Introduced

Versatile and light enough to be easily wall mounted, the 32-inch LED HDTV weighs only 12.32 lbs with stand and can brighten any room, including dorm rooms, kitchens, patios, guest bedrooms or even bathrooms.

“Our latest Color Series 32-inch LED HDTV stands out from the ordinary without sacrificing technology and functionality,” said Cathy Chou, vice president of operations, Sceptre.  “It is also extremely cost efficient with an Energy Star V6 rating and an estimated yearly energy cost of only $8.”

Sceptre’s newest Color Series 32-inch LED HDTV is currently available in pink, pearl white, black and purple for $499.99 at Amazon, Best Buy, Costco, Sam’s Club, Target Sears’ Marketplace and Walmart.  For more information about this or the entire line of Sceptre products, please visit www.sceptre.com or contact Pedro Chen at [email protected]


Sceptre 32” Color Series LED HDTV Introduced 2

About Sceptre

Headquartered in City of Industry, California, the hub of the computer industry, Sceptre is an internationally certified manufacturer of world class LCD and LED flat panel monitors. Established in 1984, Sceptre is fully committed to maintaining its status as a leader in the industry by providing the latest advanced technology in LCD and LED displays at affordable prices with tailored service programs. For more information, please visit www.sceptre.com.

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