Our foray into mITX boards would be incomplete without taking a look at one of the most highly requested, most highly regarded mITX products, the ASUS MAXIMUS VI IMPACT. Users have been asking ASUS forum reps and ASUS staff for mITX ROG products for quite a few years now, and with Intel’s Z87, that call was most definitely answered, and answered loudly.

ASUS’s ROG branding has been around for years and provides many users with a by time tested and honored level of tweak-ability and functionality that is second to none; one many other brands strive to achieve. You know exactly what you get with an ASUS ROG board: highly tuned BIOSes and OC features that include support for LN2, with a unique twist to everything else ASUS ROG products offer that is sure to meet the needs of any discriminate gamer. These products come with the “Republic Of Gamers” tag for good reason, since top-level performance is something gamers and benchmarkers alike appreciate; things ASUS’s ROG branding holds close to its heart. Both gamers and benchmarkers seek to achieve the highest benchmarking scores and framerates with the hardware they have, but can you really squeeze all that ASUS ROG goodness into an 8 x 8 square PCB? Let us dig deeper into the ASUS MAXIMUS VI IMPACT to find out… at techPowerUp!

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