NZXT Respire T40 CPU Cooler Review

NZXT Respire T40 CPU Cooler Review

Many of NZXT’s recent products have taken the market by storm. The Switch 810 has gained a following for being water-cooling friendly. Meanwhile, the Hale 90 series of power supplies have gained a following not only for their unique black and white color scheme, but also for their reliability and performance. Even their CPU coolers are gaining notoriety, with the Havok 140 and Kraken x60 coolers putting them on the map as a manufacturer to reckon with. NZXT certainly is not a newcomer as they have been well-known to enthusiasts for many years; however, they have recently really kicked it up a notch through innovation and unique design.

Today, I review the NZXT Respire T40. My initial impression of the Respire T40 reminds me of the Cooler Master’s Hyper 212 with a bit more panache. My expectations are high for NZXT’s CPU cooler as it could be a serious contender in the entry-level market that for so long has been held captive by the competition. Let’s find out just what the Respire T40 can do! … at techPowerUp!

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