Noctua IndustrialPPC Fans Review

Noctua IndustrialPPC Fans Review

A tiger can’t change its stripes nor can a leopard change its spots so when fans asked Noctua to abandon their tan and brown signature colors and adopt generic black fan designs, did they really expect it to happen? The Noctua color scheme is as easily identifiable as a Ferrari in red so if Noctua is to make a black fan, the last thing it would be is generic. That is why it took three years after initial announcement that a new Noctua black fan series is coming for the new black fan series to come out. It is not a mere palette swap of Noctua’s current line but has been designed for much more rugged applications; an Industrial Protected Performance cooling fan series that is willing to go where no other Noctua fan has been before… at Modders-Inc

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