AORUS Thunder K7 Gaming Keyboard Review


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AORUS Thunder K7 Gaming Keyboard Review

By Jason Vaught

Manufacturer: AORUS Pte. Ltd.
Product Name: Thunder K7
Model Number: GK-THUNDER K7
UPC: 818313020826 EAN: 4719331548346
Price As Tested: $149.99 (AmazonNewEgg)

Full Disclosure: The product sample used in this article has been provided by AORUS.

Ever heard of the brand AORUS? I hadn’t until this review, but I bet you’ve heard of the parent company, Gigabyte. That’s right, AORUS is Gigabyte’s gaming brand. The company currently makes a gaming keyboard, gaming mouse, some gaming laptops, and accessories such as the B7 gaming backpack. But don’t let the relatively new company name “AORUS” fool you, these products carry the Gigabyte quality we’ve all come to know and appreciate. In this article, Benchmark Reviews tests the Gigabyte AORUS Thunder K7 cherry mechanical keyboard with detachable macro pad.

What is the main reason in spending money on a “gaming” keyboard? With membrane based gaming keyboards, your purchase depends mainly on features that you can only utilize during gameplay. But with a gaming mechanical keyboard, your priorities in performance to value are more broad. You’re looking for a long life keyswitch that offers tactile feel and a comfortable typing experience as well. This is the main goal of the AORUS Thunder K7 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard, to give you a very comfortable typing & gaming experience at a decent price. Does AORUS live up to their own goals and expectations? Let’s find out.


The best and, in my opinion, only way to test a keyboard is to simply use it!  I’ve been utilizing this wonderful peripheral for over 60 hours now. I’m currently using it to type this review, as well as for all my gaming (including Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls, Battlefield 4, Battlefield 3, and World of Tanks to name a few).

Features & Specifications

Specifications from AORUS’s Website:

AORUS Thunder K7


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