Enermax Thormax Giant Full Tower Case Review

Enermax Thormax Giant Full Tower Case Review

If only I would have been able to buy this Enermax Thormax Giant case back in 2007 it would have been my first choice hands down. With all the great list of features like high performance ventilation, super cool Enermax Vegas lighted fans and an abundant amount of space for installing pretty much anything you want to in it there is not much to say that is negative about this case. I have already seen how a dual Processor/quad line of memory sticks fit into this case and Quad SLI video stacked to the gills and the case still looks like it needs more, and while in the features it says that it fits a 360 mm radiator at the top it may do that but it’s actually built perfectly for a 240 or 280 fat radiator with push/pull fans. I have read over and over how this case can take the 360mm radiator and I will mount one just to show whether it does or not. Actually the best way to cool this is with a couple of 240 or 280 at the top and bottom of this case; maybe for the cooler for the video cards down low and the cooling for the processor up top. This is a big case hence the word “giant” in the name but it also is very well decorated with angles and shapes to inspire hundreds of different theme ideas for the Modder or builder that still loves the look of a huge case sitting next to him or her… at ThinkComputers

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