G.SKILL TridentX 2933 MHz C12 2x 4GB Memory Kit Review

G.SKILL TridentX 2933 MHz C12 2x 4GB Memory Kit Review

I’d like to thank ASUS for providing the CPU, motherboard, and graphics card used in this review. This review would not have been possible without their support. Also, many thanks to G.SKill for providing the memory.

With the launch of a new platform just a month ago, many users are now looking for new memory kits to go with their new Haswell-based systems. I myself have found that many kits I really enjoyed playing with on previous Intel LGA 1155 platforms no longer perform as they used to because of differences in the new platform’s design. Some kits now even fail to meet their rated XMP speeds and timings with Haswell. I have several Samsung-based kits here that simply won’t boot, or need increased voltage to retain full stability, but Haswell also offers substantially more potential for memory overclocking if the right sticks are used.

Several weeks before the launch of Haswell, G.Skill sent me a new kit to try out, the TridentX F3-2933C12D-8GTXDG. This single-sided kit boasts 2933 MHz stock clocks with 12-14-14-35 base timings. Specifically built for the overclocking crowd, it including incredible headroom for hardcore overclockers and those wishing to push their systems to the absolute limit… at techPowerUp!

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