XFX R9 285 Double Dissipation Black Edition Video Card Review

XFX R9 285 Double Dissipation Black Edition Video Card Review

Compared to the competitors R9 285 offerings, XFX R9 285 was able to deliver the highest core clock speed out of the three cards I have looked at reaching 1136MHz. As far as the memory overclocking goes, XFX’s version comes in second place at 1526MHz. To manage the clock speeds higher than the out-of-the-box clock speeds, you can use any one of the popular video card overclocking utilities. I prefer using MSI’s Afterburner tool if a viable alternative is not available. Without any additional voltage control outside of the Power Limit settings, there were no additional tools to gain clock speed other than increasing the Power limit in the Catalyst Control Center to +20% and start moving the sliders and hope for the best. That best was 1136MHz on the core or 161MHz over the baseline 975MHz, a 16+% increase over stock speeds. Where I saw a nice boost on the core the memory, was already pretty close to being tapped out right from the factory. I was only able to squeeze an additional 76MHz out of the GDDR5 memory to help drive some additional memory bandwidth. Not bad overall, but I felt like there should be more available when running the fan speed at 100% to maximize cooling performance. Still, what I could get delivered a 600+ point gain in 3DMark Fire Strike… at OverclockersClub

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