Zalman CNPS14X CPU Cooler Review

Zalman CNPS14X CPU Cooler Review

Zalman has long established itself as an innovator of often quiet CPU-cooling solutions. They have also branched out into many other markets over the years, including cases, power supplies, VGA coolers, notebook coolers, and more. That said, it is their CPU coolers that made them famous, cementing them in the minds of enthusiasts the world over.

Zalman continues to innovate with various designs, always pushing forward to deliver compelling products to all market segments. They, most importantly, haven’t stuck to just one design philosophy, releasing not only low-profile air coolers but tower designs like the CNPS10X Optima, fanless units like the FX100, and even liquid AIO coolers like the LQ320. Zalman continues to innovate, offering enthusiasts new and exciting options in the PC-cooling market.

For today’s review, I will look at Zalman’s CNPS14X CPU cooler. It is a dual-tower design that makes use of one fan in the middle. However, it has a few tricks up its sleeve with the option to add two more fans for a total of three. Add to that its six heatpipes and you have the makings of a formidable CPU cooler… at techPowerUp!

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