Dying Light Game Review

Dying Light Game Review

Should we try to save Harran or let the infestation go unabated? I have a hard time answering that, as my own feeling is to fail to recommend Dying Light. Please understand that failing to recommend a game does not mean it is bad. In this case I just do not feel it is that strong a title. The graphics are good, but not perfect, and the story is completely predictable and unoriginal. The gameplay is fun, but it is also fairly unremarkable. Combat works and works well, but there is nothing too special to it, and while free-running is a fun way to cross a city and avoid enemies, it has issues that do break that experience. Sometimes a game will have that one thing that makes it stand out from the rest, like a superb story, amazingly solid gameplay, or impressive graphics that make your eyes smile. More often it is a combination of story, gameplay, and graphics that makes a game stand out. In the case of Dying Light, none of these components stand out, at least for me, and so neither do their combination. That does not make the game bad, and indeed I believe it is a good game and I enjoyed playing. It just does not offer enough for me to recommend it… at OverclockersClub

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