MSI R9-390 Gaming 8G Graphics Card Review

MSI R9-390 Gaming 8G Graphics Card Review

MSI is known for its custom “Gaming” series graphics cards and at this point have become quite mainstay for many gamers not just due to performance but the styling of the cards really holds up to expectations along with taking any gaming rig from a high-end rig to an awesome looking high-end rig.

With the new cooling solution and slick backplate MSI has really pushed this new card to the limits as far as looks but that’s just part of the package as this is part of the new AMD 300 series.

Before we get too far ahead of ourselves here I have to say that the “New 300 series” is kind of taken with a grain of salt as at this point it really is the 290 with a higher clock speed and more memory but overall that’s not a bad thing at the right price point.

The R9-390X Gaming 8G card hits the market at an expected MSRP of $329.99 which is quite competitive for the power we know that the previous gen 290 holds but in new skin, now lets dig inside and see what really makes the MSI Gaming R9-390 Gaming 8G Tick… at Bjorn3d

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