Lian Li DK-01X Desk Case Review

Lian Li DK-01X Desk Case Review

Few materials get the computer enthusiast’s heart beating as quickly as aluminum and glass, preferably applied in thick, juicy quantities. Sorry, got a bit carried away there. Anyway, Lian Li is the name of the company that has been encouraging that particular craving for many years now and as you may know, they don’t shy away from the occasional experiment.

Such too is their range of computer desks, which combine eye-watering prices with a – to the computer enthusiast – pleasing aesthetic and a roomy interior for those quad-GPU setups we’re all running (right?!). The company sent out a few samples of the DK-01X and Hardware.Info was lucky enough to receive one, all 37 kilos (that’s well over 80 pounds for those of you not on the metric system) of it.

It’s hard to properly compare a, well, desk to a tower case – even a big one is dwarfed by this product. We tried, anyway. So we have time-lapse video of its construction as well as temperature measurements and a whole lot of pictures. Even if few readers are likely to see one of these in the wild, all the more reason they might enjoy a virtual closer look! … at Hardware.Info

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