MSI GTX 980 Ti Lightning Video Card Review

MSI GTX 980 Ti Lightning Video Card Review

MSI builds some pretty unique cards with its Lightning series. You know you are going to get world class components and build quality thanks to the deign work that MSI as a company does. In this respect, I am far from disappointed. For one, right out of the box the GTX 980 Ti Lightning was delivering FPS performance levels almost as high as an overclocked GTX Titan X with nothing more than letting the card do its thing while gaming. To deliver this kind of performance bump over the reference card is an amazing feat. There is not a single game or synthetic game test that the GTX 980 Ti Lightning is not the highest performing card in the comparison. When overclocked it falls a bit short of a clean sweep, but is consistently in the top two cards, making it one beast of a card, the Marshawn Lynch of video cards if you will. Even playing at 4K resolutions with a single card and the specific game settings proved possible with the GTX 980 Ti Lightning… at OverclockersClub

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