NVIDIA nTeresting Newsletter – 15 June 2013

NVIDIA nTeresting Newsletter – 15 June 2013


In This Issue:

· NVIDIA was a force at E3. Game developers sang our praises. Reviewers praised or products and open platform gaming stole the show.
· Smooth gaming got tested on a notebook for the first time, GeForce GTX 780M was the kind of the hill.
· NVIDIA SHIELD won praise at Computex, E3 and in the hands of reviewers worldwide. Game on!

NVIDIA Slays Them at E3

E3 was a big coming out party for NVIDIA SHIELD as press and partners played the final SHIELD design at the show. SHIELD was everywhere at E3, and impressed those that played it. It was named to Best of E3 lists from PC World, IBN CNN and Popular Science.

“Also on display at the convention: NVIDIA SHIELD, a handheld, Android-powered mobile gaming device, up for pre-order and available this month. The SHIELD’s like a console controller with a 5-inch, 720p screen latched on. The whole stable of Android games is available, along with a beta, PC-game streaming service. Despite the processing power needed to handle PC streaming, it’s a lighter gadget than you’d expect: not tough to lift up one-handed and, presumably, easy to slide into a backpack or satchel on the go. There seems to be a lot of interest lately in taking PC gaming down to mobile size, and the Shield looks like the one of the newest entries in the teensy arms-race. Thanks, Moore’s law.”

NVIDIA also got props for NVIDIA GRID and GeForce 700-series laptop GPUs. Other NVIDIA-powered devices to claim Best of E3 awards include Alienware Laptops, the Razor Blade laptop, as well as OUYA and Mad Catz Android consoles.

We also talked about our commitment to game developers and making games better.

“The real fact that I walked away from the NVIDIA event knowing, however, was just how excited developers were to work with NVIDIA. In turn, NVIDIA wants nothing more than to work with developers to make their games better. It’s a hugely beneficial relationship between game developers and NVIDIA, but the real winners are gamers. Luckily, most developers and probably most folk at NVIDIA are gamers too. Winners all around.”

We announced a few of the games that will utilize the ‘GeForce Works’ toolkit.

NVIDIA revealed five upcoming games that will use its technology: Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag, The Witcher 3, Watch Dogs, Batman: Arkham Origins, and Splinter Cell: Blacklist.

We announced that you can stream from the cloud to your SHIELD.

“Pair SHIELD with GRID and it’s a perfect marriage of portability, performance and gaming. And since it’s all in the cloud, your saved games are always available to you. You can start playing your game at home, save it and pick up again right where you left on your SHIELD. You are going to love this feature.

We showed how our strategy to support open platforms is the best way to deliver awesome gaming experiences. For us, Open Platform means PC, cloud and mobile.

“Folks, PC gaming is alive and well. That’s the big takeaway from our time spent with Nvidia at the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3), in which the GPU maker declared that the PC is the “most important gaming platform.”

More info can be found on the NVIDIA blog.

Smooth Gaming on the Go

For the last 12 years when it comes to gaming, frame rate — measured in frames per second, or fps– has been king. But recently reviewers like Anandtech, PC Perspective, and Tech Report are evaluating a real game experience, which takes into account visible frame rate and smooth game animation.

“We’ve noticed them at times when results from our FRAPS-based testing didn’t seem to square with our seat-of-the-pants experience. The fundamental problem is that, in terms of both computer time and human visual perception, one second is a very long time. Averaging results over a single second can obscure some big and important performance differences between systems.”

Desktop stories abound on the subject, but PC Prescriptive has just done the first notebook study using the FCAT approach.

“This was the first mobile PC gaming I have done in a while and I must admit I was impressed by how far mobile GPU performance has come recently. Being able to play top titles like Metro Last Light, Bioshock Infinite and Sleeping Dogs at these quality settings and at 1920×1080 resolution was impressive. I see very little drawback to using a system like the GT60 as your primary computer and simply connecting it to an external display, keyboard and mouse for gaming at home.”

And the new GeForce GTX 780M walked away the clear winner.

“The new GeForce GTX 780M from NVIDIA is easily the fastest currently available mobile GPU and it beats the AMD Radeon HD 7970M by 13-32% in average frame rate depending on the game we tested.”

Wield the SHIELD – NVIDIA’s New Gaming and Entertainment Portable Impresses

After being recognized as one of the Best of Computex 2013, SHIELD made an appearance at E3, where plenty of showgoers got a chance to check out the final design before it hits the market.

From the power of Tegra 4 to the slick console-grade controller to stunning new games like Dead Trigger 2, everyone was more than impressed with SHIELD’s performance and feel.

Gamers can take their Android games with them wherever they go, while also checking out the latest movies and music and surfing the web. And SHIELD can also stream PC games over Wi-Fi to play anywhere in the house.

After playing some games from the Android library, controlling the flight of a Parrot drone, and listening to some tunes on the high quality speakers, folks were pretty fascinated. Check out the feedback.

“Shield is effectively a gaming console running Android, something everyone talks about but nobody has really executed or delivered on entirely (sorry Ouya) – at least yet.”

“The Shield will blow your phone out of the water in terms of power, and gaming with a controller is generally superior to gaming with a touchscreen…”

“The special effects of the Tegra 4 version over the standard game copy make a compelling case for why Sony might want to worry about the Shield compared to its PS Vita.”

“The Shield can stream PC games just fine, it felt almost as if the game was running natively on the device.”

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