ASUS ROG G750 Budget Gaming Laptop Review

ASUS ROG G750 Budget Gaming Laptop Review

In a time when tablets and smartphones are making the headlines, and the pursuit of thin and light has never been more avid, the high-performance laptop is a curious beast. It can’t hope to match the performance of a high-end desktop machine, nor can it compete with the ultra portables on weight and battery life. For some people, though, this machine in the middle is exactly what the doctor ordered. Extreme living space constraints might preclude the use of a normal desktop, or an extremely active travel schedule might leave such a machine collecting dust at home. It might even be as simple as not wanting to maintain two different machines for home and travel use. Whatever the reason, the gaming laptop still has its place, and for such a machine, performance is critical. Today, we’re going to be taking a look at the ROG G750JW laptop from Asus. As the latest entry in their gaming laptop series, this machine seems poised to fill that need for high speed in a small form factor. Let’s see what $1400 will get you in terms of portable gaming performance… at TechwareLabs

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