Far Cry Primal Game Review

Far Cry Primal Game Review

Is it worth entering the land of Oros and fighting for the survival of the Wenja? I believe it is. Far Cry Primal is a good game, with some weaknesses and good strengths. One thing I want to say is that it feels more like Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon than either Far Cry 3 or Far Cry 4. It is more like a specialized take on the franchise, than a full entry for the franchise. That is not necessarily a good or bad thing, but I want to mention it because I do not think it should be interpreted as the next Far Cry game, but as another Far Cry game. (Also I do not mean to suggest that if you enjoyed Blood Dragon specifically, you will enjoy this, but rather how both games seem to fit into the franchise.) The graphics are okay but could definitely be better, especially with the textures. The story does its job well, but could provide some better motivation for fighting the Izila tribe. The narrative, the telling of the story with a proto-indo-european language is very well done and does add to the experience. The gameplay is fun and works well, even though the setting leaves you without the machine guns and veritable cannons we may be used to having. The beast system does a good job adding to the experience and makes me interested to see how it might return in future games… at OverclockersClub

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