Vertagear S-Line SL5000 Gaming Chair Review

Vertagear S-Line SL5000 Gaming Chair Review

After finding the most comfortable position for me I was able to fully enjoy the SL5000 from Vertagear. The faux leather covering held up well during my testing and the foam never got out of shape. Typically in a leather or PVC covered chairs I will sweat as the chair heats up during extended keyboard time. I found that was not the case with this chair. The included lumbar pillow and headrest are easy to attach and provide added flexibility to the equation to get the fit just right. The lift cylinder provides a fairly robust range to accommodate both shorter and taller users. This is the first chair I have used in a while where I was not sitting at the highest end of the lift range. That’s a nice feeling that minimizes sway at the upper end of the cylinder’s range of movement. Adjusting the fore and aft range on the seat back is just what you would expect while seated in your car. The spring loaded return mechanism allows the seat back to return forward with a minimal amount of assistance… at OverclockersClub

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