NVIDIA nTeresting Newsletter – 5 August 2013

NVIDIA nTeresting Newsletter – 5 August 2013


In this Issue:

· NVIDIA SHIELD has arrived! Buy yours now and read all the rave reviews.
· NVIDIA welcomes The Portland Group and strengthens the OpenACC initiative.

SHIELD Changes the Game

High performance gaming and entertainment truly went mobile with the launch of NVIDIA SHIELD. As a gaming device, the powerful Tegra 4 processor is allowing developers to push the boundaries of Android gaming while PC gamers can finally untether themselves from their desktops and play Skyrim in bed!

“NVIDIA Shield is a game geek’s dream device”

“This is the holy grail of mobile devices for any gamer.”

“The only way to evaluate a gaming machine is on how it plays games, and in that respect, SHIELD is amazing”

“Why would you buy a Shield over, say, a new Nexus 7? I can tell you why I’m buying one: PC game streaming.”

“I wouldn’t normally setup a laptop with a controller in my bed or living room for example, but with SHIELD, I can play in those places without making a mess.”

But it’s not just for gaming, and editors noticed: “The Shield (is one device) that we feel comfortable recommending to hardcore PC gamers and Netflix junkies alike.” The custom bass reflex speakers and 5” 720p retinal display provide amazing audio/visual experiences:

“These speakers are hands down the best to grace any Android product I’ve tested or seen. (For that matter, they also embarrass the PS Vita and Nintendo 3DS.)”

“The 5-inch 720p IPS touchscreen display is one of the best I’ve seen on a portable, producing stunningly vibrant colors, sharp detail, and wide viewing angles.”

“As you can imagine, such a powerful hardware has no difficulty running any of the entertainment applications that you may want to use.”

“Used with Spotify or other music solutions, Shield makes for a mean little portable music box.”

One unanimous opinion was the build quality of SHIELD. It feels like a solid device, and while we don’t recommend attempting this at home, “Build quality is so good I told Anand that I wanted to try running it over with my car.” Others were a little less colorful, saying:

“To wrap things up on the hardware we will say NVIDIA completely shocked us with this level of build quality and perfection”

“The NVIDIA Shield looks like a Xbox 360 controller on steroids, but still manages to convey a sleek elegance.”

The heart of the device is the Tegra 4 mobile processor, and with it in tow SHIELD “put on quite a show:“

“The NVIDIA SHIELD absolutely crushed everything else we tested in the AnTuTu benchmark…the SHIELD dominated all in the GPU, GPU, and RAM tests.”

“In terms of graphics performance, the numbers show that Tegra 4 offers a nice jump from the current generation of smartphones”

“The Shield tore through every benchmark we threw at it.”

But the best endorsements for SHIELD may surround its ability to get gamers excited in a new way with its innovation:

“SHIELD got me excited about gaming again, and it accomplished that across two vastly different platforms.”

“NVIDIA deserves credit for creating one of the most innovative and fun gadgets of 2013.”

SHIELD is now available for $299 from Newegg, GameStop, Micro Center, Canada Computers and NVIDIA.

NVIDIA Welcomes The Portland Group

Last week NVIDIA announced that it had acquired The Portland Group (PGI). They happen to be the HPC industry’s leading independent supplier of compilers and tools. PGI will continue to operate under the PGI flag – developing OpenACC, CUDA Fortran and CUDA x86 for multicore x86 and, of course, GPGPUs.

“NVIDIA officials are making another move in the high-performance computing space, buying software compiler and toolmaker The Portland Group.”

It is a union between the world’s top independent provider of OpenACC compilers and the world’s best GPU designers. It strengthens the OpenACC initiative by creating an easy on-ramp to parallel computing and cements our strong, established technical partnership in creating developer tools accelerated computing.

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