QPAD DX-20 Pro Gaming Optical Mouse Review

QPAD DX-20 Pro Gaming Optical Mouse Review

If you’ve been around for as long as i and some of the guys here have then you should remember the ergonomic Intellimouse 1.1 mouse by Microsoft released back in early 2000. Microsoft gained a serious following because of that particular line (that’s also why they updated it a few times) so it was really just a matter of time before that specific design (overall) would also be used by several other brands in the market including SteelSeries (Sensei), Zowie (FK1) and others. The design of the DX-20 Pro Gaming Optical Mouse is also based on that of the Intellimouse 1.1 but everything inside reflects the best of what the industry has to offer today. So under the hood we find an Pixart/Avago PMW-3320 optical sensor (3500CPI/80IPS/20G/3.6MPS/5300FPS), ARM Cortex M3 32-bit processor, 128kb of onboard memory (used to store profiles) and OMRON switches for the primary buttons (rated for up to 10 million clicks). The DX-20 Pro Gaming Optical Mouse also features a thin layer of rubber coating (for improved grip), total of 7 fully programmable buttons and RGB (16.7 million colors) illumination system. The specifications sheet sounds promising so let’s not waste more time in introductions… at NikKTech

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