RIOTORO Prism CR1280 PC Case Review

RIOTORO Prism CR1280 PC Case Review

I’ll start with what I like about the CR1280. The style – while it doesn’t break the standard mold for tower cases, it does have a fresh, clean look, and the large side window does it for me. The layout of the top I/O panel is nice too, with adequate spacing of the USB ports (a typical peeve of mine), the separation of the start and reset buttons (another peeve), and the top-facing angle (no USB drives sticking out to get bent over when you walk by). And then there is the size – the CR1280 can handle an extended ATX (eATX) motherboard, supports liquid cooling and long GPUs, and it has decent hard drive capacity. Speaking of liquid cooling, you have mounting space for a top 360mm radiator, a front 240mm radiator, and a rear 120mm radiator. From a functionality perspective, the absence of optical drive bays really opens the case up. The CR1280 has great airflow and the ability to control the fan speed is a plus. Fan speed control is at the tip of your finger. Need some more cooling, or maybe you want a little more peace and quiet? Just push the button. The grommet size and locations are well planned and contribute greatly to the clean cable management… at OverclockersClub

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