Raidmax Narwhal Midi Tower Review

Raidmax Narwhal Midi Tower Review

After roughly 5 years the time has finally come for us to start upgrading our test rigs (having long and valid databases means we can’t use mainboards and CPUs on loan) and so last month we gathered hardware components to replace our secondary one based on the Intel Core i7 6700k (one of those was the RM750X by Corsair which we reviewed a few days ago). Unfortunately although choosing the right hardware components was quite easy (it really took us like 20 minutes tops) we also needed to use a brand new tower (the old one looked very bad) and when you have to place it inside a tight spot with specific measurements you just can’t choose one randomly. Well after going through every single PC case we have here the one with the closest measurements and also the one we decided to use was the Narwhal midi tower by RAIDMAX… at NikKTech

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