Toshiba Q300 Pro 256GB SSD Review

Toshiba Q300 Pro 256GB SSD Review

With most mainboards featuring at least one M.2 port and most enthusiasts turning towards PCIex models noone really knows just for how long manufacturers will keep focusing their efforts in the production of new SATA based solid state drives. On the other hand SATA models will probably take a lot longer to disappear from the market entirely (if ever) compared to IDE ones so i really doubt casual consumers have anything to worry about. Regardless today manufacturers release many SATA SSDs per year with specifications and capacities that can cover from casual users and gamers up to the most demanding enthusiasts and professionals. Toshiba has been in the SSD market for many years now (they were the ones to invent flash memory) but since their acquisition of OCZ a couple of years back they’ve been stepping up their game and today with us we have one of their latest SSD models the Q300 Pro 256GB… at NikKTech

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