OCZ RD400 PCIe MVM2 M.2 SSD Review

OCZ RD400 PCIe MVM2 M.2 SSD Review

Back when the SATA based SSD was in its infancy, OCZ’s RevoDrive was one of the drives that plugs into a PC’s PCI Express slot, as it is designed to offer higher performance for those who demand the best performance. The original RevoDrive from OCZ was no more than a couple of regular SATA drives running in a RAID array on a board that inserts into the motherboard’s PCIe slot. Subsequent RevoDrives also featured hybrid form factors where a HDD was paired with an SSD in order to provide the performance of an SSD while offering the storage capacity of the HDD. Despite the innovation and the performance, the RevoDrive has never gained wide market support. This is partly due to the fact that booting a PCIe drive can sometimes be problematic due to motherboard and OS support. In addition, TRIM support is also missing for SSDs in a RAID array… at Bjorn3D

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