Play with Mods or Build Your Own in VR Funhouse

Play with Mods or Build Your Own in VR Funhouse

By Victoria Rege

NVIDIA VR Funhouse immerses gamers in a virtual carnival full of fun and games. You can set targets ablaze with flaming arrows, test your skill shooting skeet, see how many moles you can whack, and much more.

With this latest update, VR Funhouse now supports mods, giving the community an incredible sandbox of possibilities for fun in VR.

Swap out your shooting gallery pistol for a Tommy gun, light the whack-a-mole’s hair on fire, or build your favorite carnival mini-game in VR. With VR Funhouse mods the possibilities are endless.

We’ve built five mods for you to play with, bringing even more fun to the most advanced VR game ever created!   They include:

Big Top: Cover your carnival with a colorful circus tent.
Great Moles of Fire: Box moles with their hair on fire!
Super Whack-A-Mole:  Whack moles in 360 degrees!
Tommy Gun: Swap out your shooting gallery pistols for a Tommy gun and take on the Shooting Gallery and Cannon Skeet
Zero Gravity Goo: Shoot colorful clowns with slow-motion goo.

Play with Mods or Build Your Own in VR Funhouse

Simply visit the VR Funhouse Steam Workshop page, download one of the mod experiences created by the community, and add it to your game.

Play. Create. Share.

That’s just the start of the fun. Modders can download the VR Funhouse Mod Kit, create their own mods, and share them with the world.

Game developers can also access the full VR Funhouse source code from Github, and build their own games with the ultra-powerful NVIDIA GameWorks, PhysX, and VRWorks technology integrated into Unreal Engine 4 and VR Funhouse.

We can’t wait to see the amazing experiences you’ll create. We’ll see you in the VR Funhouse!

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