OZONE TriFX In-Ear Pro Gaming Headset Review

OZONE TriFX In-Ear Pro Gaming Headset Review

People who’ve used at least 2-3 in-ear headsets in their lives know that rarely does one model offer all audio characteristics. So although some may offer good mids they may not be as good in highs and bass. The same of course applies for the other two as well and although consumers have found a way around that issue by adjusting equalizer settings (when a software player allows that) that doesn’t always produce the desired results. Some manufacturers have also tried to resolve this by bundling their very own audio player apps (in the form of downloads) with their headsets featuring several equalizer presets (and the ability to adjust your very own) which again however haven’t gained much favor from consumers (especially since these can only be used with compatible device). OZONE recently took an entirely different path to solving this with their brand new TriFX in-ear Pro Gaming Headset which we’ve been testing for roughly one month now with surprisingly good results… at NikKTech

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