Thermaltake Core X71 Full Tower Review

Thermaltake Core X71 Full Tower Review

In our last tower review we pointed out that roughly only 10 out of 100 PC cases introduced in the market are full towers but if you sit down and think about how many of those are actually designed with water cooling enthusiasts in mind that number gets even lower than that. Now i used to agree with manufacturers when they came to me and told me that water cooling is still considered a niche market and so their full towers didn’t have to feature several radiator mounts but that was in the past since nowadays there’s a serious increase in sales of such water cooling loops/kits (perhaps also due to the increase in modders). Thermaltake is well aware of this and so lately all of their cases are LCS Certified which means they have multiple radiator mounts inside to cover the needs of even the most demanding users out there. The Core X71 is the latest and largest addition to the LCS line and today we’ll be checking it out… at NikKTech

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