Xtorm AL450 12.000mAh Power Bank Review

Xtorm AL450 12.000mAh Power Bank Review

Carrying a portable power bank with you at all times is never a bad idea and i speak from experience since such devices have kept my smartphones and tablets going when there was no electrical socket in sight (hard to come across one at the beach and/or on the mountain). Unfortunately either due to high cost or available technology we’ve yet to see credit card sized power banks with plenty of available battery capacity (850mAh models are good for an emergency but not nearly enough for anything more) but there are many compact models in the market today which can provide your smartphone and/or tablet with several extra hours of life and can be carried around either in your backpack, purse or even your pocket. The AL450 model is the latest compact power bank from our friends over at Xtorm and we’ve been carrying it around with us charging our smartphones and tablets for almost three weeks now… at NikKTech


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