MSI GTX 1050 Gaming X 2G Video Card Review

MSI GTX 1050 Gaming X 2G Video Card Review

What I found while overclocking the GTX 1050 Gaming X 2G from MSI is that it is one hell of an overclocker, delivering solid overclocking with very little work involved to reach my final results. Finding the maximum overclock on the GP107 core was as simple as increasing the GPU boost clock speed to +125MHz and testing the card’s stability. No matter how much higher I would go, the core would not boost any higher than 1911MHz. Bumping the voltage did not show any higher of an increase, but 1911MHz was rock stable and did not fluctuate under load. That’s 335MHz worth of core clock speed for five minutes worth of work. The memory was a little picky in that it would run as high as 1950MHz through most of the tests, but would start peeling off FPS performance as the clock speed increased. The highest clock speed that delivered improved performance was 1935MHz or an effective 7770MHz out of 7Gbps memory. If you want to overclock, this card has potential and the cooling to make sure you do not overheat your components… at OverclockersClub

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