Micron 1100 256GB SSD Review

Micron 1100 256GB SSD Review

Solid state drives may not have reached a point when consumers can actually get models with several TB’s in capacity without spending a whole months pay (if not more) but technology behind them has evolved quite a bit and although up until even just a year ago only Samsung products made use of the newly introduced 3D NAND flash memory (32 storage tiers available in both MLC and TLC) today there are many manufacturers with such models in their product lines. 3D NAND flash memory may not have much to offer in terms of performance and endurance numbers compared to the “older” planar NAND flash memory but because of its architecture it does allow for much higher capacities which can go all the way (and perhaps even exceed) up to 10TB for a 2.5″ model. Micron released their 1100 series of client SATA SSDs a few months back and although not much is known about this particular line we just had to be among the very first in the world to check it out… at NikKTech

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