Hitman First Season Game Review

Hitman First Season Game Review

Now that I have covered all of the episodes briefly, I think it makes sense to rank them based on how I liked them. The top two are Episode 2 – Sapienza and Episode 6 – Hokkaido. Episode 2 features a wonderful map with plenty of options for one to creatively complete their mission while Episode 6 has a good map but it is more the challenge of starting with nothing that I like. I do not know which I would put first and second, but these are definitely the top two for me. Third is Episode 3 – Marrakesh thanks to its map complexity and opportunities. It is just not quite on the same level of enjoyment for me as the top two episodes I gave above, but is not far away either. Obviously this leaves Episodes 4 and 5 as the bottom two, and I think I will put Episode 4 at the bottom. Neither of these are poor or bad missions, but I simply enjoy the others more. The reason I put Episode 5 above Episode 4 is that I just found the challenges it presented more interesting. I remember playing it and trying to avoid being caught while approaching my target. Remembering Episode 4 brings to mind getting lost in the hotel and trying to figure out how to get back to a disguise I need. It was still fun to play and I will very likely play it more after I finish up this review, but the others come first to me… at OverclockersClub

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