Promise Technology Apollo Cloud 4TB NAS Review

Promise Technology Apollo Cloud 4TB NAS Review

I may not be a huge fan of cloud-based services like OneDrive, iCloud and Dropbox but at the same time i can’t deny that they can be of tremendous use to people who want access to their files from anywhere in the world. Unfortunately such services have but a single drawback, they are not yours and that basically means you don’t have full control over whatever you upload. Now it may not be possible for that data to be accessed by a third party without you granting them that but although safety may not be an serious issue still i feel a lot better when my files are stored locally. NAS servers offer that convenience but they also offer a very large number of other features which simply put are not for everyone and certainly not every single consumer out there looks for them. Promise Technology understands this and although their primary focus has been the enterprise market they decided to expand and take their first steps in the consumer one as well with the Apollo Cloud 4TB NAS… at NikKTech

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