Shadow Warrior 2 Game Review

Shadow Warrior 2 Game Review

In the end what we have in Shadow Warrior 2 is a mix of good things and things that could be better. Fortunately the gameplay is where you can find a lot of the good, and for this game, that is where it needs to be. This is not a story-heavy game, so it being mediocre in that area is not a significant problem, and there is little to really complain about with the graphics. It is a fun experience, if not perfect, but is still fairly easy to recommend. From some of what I have read, there is supposed to be more content coming to the game as well, or at least a mechanism to further upgrade items. This is meant for those progressing deeply into the endgame, but I do still look forward to see it. Hopefully more story content will be added as well, for those not interested in playing into the endgame, and I would like to see some of what comes after the end… at OverclockersClub

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