AMD A10-6800K and A10-6700 Richland APUs Review

AMD A10-6800K and A10-6700 Richland APUs Review

AMD has had a rough time keeping up with Intel in the CPU market for the past couple of years. The firm’s Bulldozer CPU architecture hasn’t worked out as planned, and AMD has been forced to limit the scope of its ambition. Rather than competing with Intel across the entire market, it’s had to choose its battles, carefully positioning its products and seeking any possible seams in Intel’s armor. That strategy has succeeded in places, producing some potentially solid values for end users in the process.

When we reviewed the desktop version of AMD’s Trinity APUs last fall, the A10-5800K and A8-5600K, we found that they were a near-miss on the value front. The price was right compared to the competition. The CPU performance was good in some applications—those that use multiple threads well, like image processing tools or video encoders. And the integrated Radeon graphics simply outclassed what Intel had to offer in its Core i3… at TechReport

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