Artificial Intelligence Will Change Lives

Artificial Intelligence Will Change Lives

By Intel

There is no denying that the era of artificial intelligence (AI) is upon us, and Intel’s leaders agree that AI is the next big wave in computing.

Indeed, AI is the fastest growing workload in the data center, growing at 2-times the overall computing market. By 2020, the industry expects more servers running data analytics than any other workload, and analytics predictors will be built into every application.

Still in the relative formative days of this exciting technology, AI promises to transform how people engage with the world from work to play and other positive ways in between. This is the thesis of the talk delivered this morning at South by Southwest 2017 by Intel’s Diane Bryant, executive vice president and general manager of Intel’s Data Center Group.

In her discussion, AI: How Tech’s Next Revolution Will Change Lives, Bryant outlined several examples of how AI is poised to usher in a better world and how Intel technology and programs are helping unlock AI’s potential.

Feeding the Hungry

Bryant discussed how AI can help enhance food production. She introduced FarmLogs and its cutting-edge farm management software that provides timely, actionable and unbiased field insights and recommendations to help growers effortlessly and remotely achieve optimal yield. Ultimately, the product’s aim is to increase field profitability and eliminate waste.

The Way We Work

Bryant also covered how AI can benefit the workplace by introducing Clinc, an innovative AI startup that developed Finie, a customizable, voice-activated personal financial assistant and intelligence platform for banks. Using a sophisticated natural language processing engine and advanced scientific discoveries in AI research, Finie emulates human intelligence and allows users to converse with their bank account to complete banking tasks in their own natural language with no special keywords, rule-based commands or templated questions to learn.

These are just two examples of how Intel is engaged through its technology and programs to help unlock AI’s potential. Intel has introduced the Intel® Nervana™ platform as the foundation for highly-optimized AI solutions, enabling more data professionals to solve the world’s biggest challenges on industry standard technology. Intel believes that the combination of Intel’s customized silicon offering plus optimized software frameworks will unleash the next wave of AI development in everything from smart factories to sports to autonomous cars.

Intel has the assets and know-how required to drive the AI computing transformation, creating even greater impact for business and society.