Fnatic GEAR CLUTCH G1 Optical Mouse Review

Fnatic GEAR CLUTCH G1 Optical Mouse Review

Peripherals like keyboards, mice and headsets are perhaps the only devices we get to swap/replace quite often some of us once or twice a year while others just every few months (well ok headsets perhaps not so much). Now although replacing a keyboard or a headset is quite easy the same can’t be said about a mouse since due to its shape, size and performance it might be quite hard to use another model. Take me for example, I’ve been using finger-grip gaming mice like the SteelSeries Sensei (Wireless/RAW/MLG) and the Zowie FK1 for as long as i can remember (quite normal for someone who grew up using Microsoft ball and Intellimouse models) so whenever something different (palm/claw-grip) lands onto my desk it takes me a while to get used to it. Fnatic has been in the business of eSports for a long time and thus they know very well what most gamers are looking for so when we received their CLUTCH G1 Optical Mouse i was very curious to see if my hands would feel right at home when testing it… at NikKTech

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