Egreat A5 4k UHD Media Player Review

Egreat A5 4k UHD Media Player Review

With 6k and 8k screens already in development 4k models may not seem as exciting as they did a couple of years ago but thanks to new advancements in technology upcoming lines will offer improved image quality and color accuracy without asking that much more from your wallet. Of course consumers on a tight budget will probably not care about that but many do care about the multimedia capabilities of 4k screens and here is where things get a bit tricky. Since i don’t yet own a 4k TV screen (still waiting for the new models) a few months back i grabbed our Samsung T3 512GB portable SSD filled it with 4k compressed and raw material (including Timescapes) and went to a nearby electronics store ran by a friend of mine to see if even some of their most expensive models could playback everything i could throw at them. Well i wasn’t really surprised to see that many sub 1500Euros models had a hard time even reproducing compressed 4k material (at least the ones i was carrying with me) but what really dazzled me was the inability of models that cost twice as much (and more) to reproduce raw (uncompressed) 4k clips. Granted 4k raw material is limited at best but it never hurts to know that your brand new TV screen has that ability even if it takes a couple of years to take advantage of it. Egreat used to be a well-established media player manufacturer a few years back and after taking a small break they’re back with the A5 and A10 4k media players… at NikKTech

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