Patriot Gauntlet 320 Wireless External Hard Drive Review

Patriot Gauntlet 320 Wireless External Hard Drive Review

So you have an Apple IOS based device or an Android and you find yourself spending more time managing your media and files on the device than enjoying the content. Constantly plugging the device in to sync, move, delete, and upload new media to enjoy? You like many mobile users have discovered the fatal flaw for many of these devices. . . storage space. There just isn’t enough for all your stuff. Well the Gauntlet 320 aims to give you some breathing room and make that management easier. It serves to provide more storage on the go and without the need to plug your device in an upload new files because the Gauntlet 320 is wireless. No more syncing, no more decisions about what to save and what to toss. Sound interesting? But does it work? … at TechwareLabs

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