Thermaltake X1 RGB Cherry MX Silver Keyboard Review


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X1 RGB: Mobile App

At the time of this review, the X1 RGB smartphone app is compatible with iOS devices and it is free to download from the App Store. Before running the app, make sure the smartphone and host computer have a good connection to the same network, and have the X1 RGB gaming software up and running on the host. Then launch the mobile app, and it should immediately pick up the host on the network.

Because the app communicates to the host through the network, we can control certain functions of the X1 RGB straight off the phone. Here are the few modes we can select from in the app.

In terms of lighting, we can select between the same 12 preset lighting modes found in the desktop software. Certain lighting effects have their own unique settings as well, like speed and random color adjustments. Changing the colors in the app will immediately apply the color to the keyboard. Just make sure the smartphone/tablet and the host computer both have a good connection to the network for the app to work properly.

In the Macro settings, we can load our saved macro functions from the keyboard and load them into the app. This allows us to execute a chain of commands in real-time.

With the Virtual Game Controller (VGC), we can use our smartphone or tablet as a wireless controller instead of gaming straight from the keyboard. Although analog sticks are not available with the VGC, this unique feature can still set the X1 RGB apart from the competition. We are also able to customize the buttons to better suit a game, which gives us customization abilities with wireless freedom.

The app does have one more unique feature, and that is Voice Control. We can say things, like White Color or Raindrops, and the app will detect our voice and respond to it by changing the keyboard lighting settings. This is a nice feature without having to press any buttons to change lighting effects.

Now that we have seen the X1 RGB desktop gaming software and the mobile app, let’s continue to the next section where we put this keyboard to the test.


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