Kingston MobileLite Wireless Card Reader Review

Kingston MobileLite Wireless Card Reader Review

A few years ago, having limited storage on your device was more of an Apple issue. But more and more Android phones are shipping with fixed memory, and as more devices eliminate the micro SD slots they also have made huge improvements in camera resolution. It has gotten to the point that many people don’t bother carrying a separate camera or video camera, not only because they can shoot HD quality videos, but because they want access to their images, videos, and music all the time. Keeping all of this on hand requires a lot of storage and phone manufacturers use that to their advantage and often charge ridiculous upcharges for additional storage.

Kingston answered this need a few years ago when they introduced the WiDrive. While this was a fantastic device, it too suffered from limited storage. Kingston listened to feedback and developed the new MobileLite Wireless which builds on the strengths of the WiDrive but takes it one step further by providing a USB port and SD card slot for removable memory… at BigBruin

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