Rosewill Hercules 1600W PSU Review

Rosewill Hercules 1600W PSU Review

Rosewill continues to impress us with their top-quality, high-performance products, and we now have the honor of being the first to test their top-of-the-line Hercules-1600. Its name, Hercules, references the ancient Greek hero, which definitely makes sense because it is one of the strongest PSUs on the market today. This beast can deliver 1600 W at even 50°C! 130 amperes of power, a crazily high current output, allows it to simultaneously feed multiple high-end VGAs, highly overclocked CPUs, and the rest of the bundle (pumps, fans, HDDs, lights, etc.) with ease. Surely only very few of you can push the Hercules close to its limits, which is similar to incredibly powerful cars: You know you won’t need as much horsepower, but it is nice to know it there.

The Hercules-1600 is not only one of the strongest PSUs on the market, but its length of 243 mm also makes it one of the largest! Only a few cases can accommodate it, which isn’t much of a problem since the system it powers will require a large case as well. The Hercules has two +12V rails with unequal power distribution. The first can deliver up to 110 A while the second feeds two EPS connectors and can deliver up to 50 A of power, a sufficient amount for every CPU(s) regardless of its overclock and power consumption. You also have at your disposal sixteen PCIe connectors for your VGAs. However, a problem arises if you have enough money to buy four VGAs as you will still need a special motherboard to install all of them, and even installing four high-end VGAs will leave you with spare PCIe connectors for future upgrades. As you will have noticed by now, everything about this unit is over the top, including its price of $400! But such a price will not intimidate you if you have the right system for such a PSU… at techPowerUp!

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