Samsung SSD 970 EVO Review


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Anvil’s Storage Utilities Benchmark

Released in 2014, Anvil’s Storage Utilities is a simple, yet robust, benchmark tool for easily testing the performance of nearly all types of storage devices. Utilizing 100% compressed data for its integrated SSD Benchmark, Anvil’s Storage Utilities runs 4MB sequential read and write tests along with a collection of assorted file size tests at various queue depths. The final result is a combined total from the separate read and write scores.

The 1TB Samsung SSD 970 EVO solid state drive we received for testing performed sequential 4MB reads at 2981 MB/s with a combined read score of 5589, and sequential 4MB writes at 2427 MB/s with a combined write score of 9185. Samsung’s 970 EVO produced a total Anvil SSD Benchmark score of 14774.

Samsung SSD 970 EVO 1TB Anvil Results

1TB Samsung 970 EVO Anvil Test Results

Benchmark Reviews began using Anvil’s Storage Utilities to test with M.2 NVMe SSDs. We’ve sorted the results by highest total score, with individual read and write test scores displayed in the chart below:


In the next section, I share my review conclusion and final product rating.


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